Natural Resource Management


HDB's NRM interventions are focused on addressing the issue of fading green cover, water conservation and soil erosion. Each initiative is carefully planned and executed in collaboration with local stakeholders to achieve a common objective of retaining and restoring the ecological balance for nature and communities to co-exist in harmony.

Mission Million Trees

HDB Financial Services Limited launched Mission Million Tree Program as a part of its social responsibility towards environment. Program MMT was conceptualized with an objective to:

  • promote plantation in schools, institutions, housing societies and public parks and gardens to improve green cover in urban spaces
  • provide livelihoods for small & marginal farmers by providing them with fruit and nut bearing trees
  • control soil erosion and enhance ground water recharge in watershed areas

Mission Million Trees Program was introduced in 2019 and over 150,000 saplings and trees have been planted till date.


Watershed Management

  • HDB's watershed management programs attempts to address the complex problems of rainwater runoff, ground water recharge, water supply and judicious usage of water. The program adopts an advocacy-based approach with active participation from the local communities to develop necessary water structures to achieve desired positive outcomes over a period of two-three years.
  • HDB collaborates with credible organizations working in the NRM space for effective implementation of watershed management programs in a scientific and sustained manner. HDB has adopted watershed management programs in rural parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

Restoration of Urban Water Bodies

  • Waterbodies, small or large, both in urban and rural areas are fast depleting due to rampant urbanization, over exploitation of waterbodies and mere negligence by the civil society.
  • Since 2017, HDB has revived over 10 waterbodies in urban areas and 75 in rural parts with the support of mechanised tools & equipments along with committed and passionate volunteers from the community. HDB is committed to restore more waterbodies in the coming months.